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Makovski The Hedgehog

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1Makovski The Hedgehog Empty Makovski The Hedgehog on Tue Nov 19, 2013 5:57 pm


Basic info
Name: Makosvki The Hedgehog
Nickname: Mako, Makou, Mak
Gender: Male
Species: Hedgehog
Age: N/A
Date of Birth: July 2, 1996
Birth Place: Space Colony Ark
Current Residence: None

Weapon: All
Element: Water, Wind, Ice, Light (In normal form), Darkness and teleportation (in Nightmares of Doom form)
Armor: Ice/water/wind armor (In normal form) Darkness armor (In Nightmares of Doom form)
Appearance: Cyan eyes, Black hair and blue to the end of the hair, Black fur, Cyan shoes, White gloves, Tall, Rings at he's wrists and ankles, Blue stokings
Super Form: Nightmares of Doom , Black eyes, Darkness aura, Hair darker and top dark blue hair, Lose his rings, Enable teleportation
Weaknesses: Darkness (While normal form) and Light (While Nightmares of Doom form), Taking his friends hostages
Sp├ęcial Abilities: Manipulate his elements perfectly, Can fly, Have to concentrate a little to perfome magic

Social Status
Friends: None for the moment
Rivals: None for the moment
Enemies: None for the moment

Marital Status
Crush: None
Lover: None
Parents: None
Siblings: Shadow The Hedgehog
Other Family Members: None

Team Status
Team Name: None
Team Members: None
Team Leader: None
Team Power: None

With Strangers: Happy, Polite, Gentlemen
With Family: Happy, Energitic
With Friends: Happy, Energitic, Little bit sarcastic
With Rivals: Unconfortable, Sarcastic, Polite
With Enemies: Sarcastic, Good manners, Merciless and Angry (If a friend get injured)

Food: Lasagna
Drink: Ice Tea
Other Likes: Friendship, Freedom, Music, Singing, Blue, Black, Battle
Other Dislikes: Staying immobile, Doing nothing, Violence, Betrayal, Be alone

Theme Songs
Main Theme:His World Remix - My Destination, StH /Tales of Symphonia - Tethe'alla Hen (Ending Song), ToS
Battle Theme: Like a Glint of Light, ToSDotNW/ His World (Remix) - Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Music Extended, Sonic the Hedgehog/(Nightmares of Doom battle Theme) Mystogan Theme, Fairy Tail/The wilderness of sadness, ToSDotNW/ I Am... All Of Me, Shadow the Hedgehog
Victory Theme: Final Fantasy VII - Victory Fanfare, FF7
Defeat Theme: Fairy tail Past Story, Fairy Tail

After that the Dr. Gerald Robotnik have created Shadow, he have created Makovski, trying to controle him like his older brother, the doc did the same mistake twice, he couldn't controle him like the other.
After eight of years, staying in the Space Colony Ark, Makovski realised that the Ark was not his home, but his prison for life, so he decided to break free, he went to the first escape pod at hand, launching himself on Earth.
Crashing on Earth, Makovski barely survived, living like an animal in forests and mountains for up to 5 years, just as he was loosing hope to find someone, a girl came, toke him and bring him to her home.
A year passed after being rescued by the mysterious girl, Makovski learned all that he had to know about the civilisation.
Makovski became a wonderful gentlemen with a beautiful smile, the women told him that she knew where was is older brother was, he was exited to know that new's but, the girl had to stayed with her family.
So our gentlemen decided to go searching for his brother, and promised to her to come back for her after founding his sibling.
While our aventurer went to his journey, he found the water and wind spirits, who teached him how to manipulate water, ice and wind elements, juste like he was talking to those, two spirits started fighting over Makovski,
it was the light and the darkness spirits who was fighting each other, he was in the center of this furious battle desperaly trying to stop them, and at this moment, the two spirits passed trough his body, he felt an incredible power
growing within him, it was painful and comfortable at the same time.
After a year of traveling, Makovski knew how to use the light element, but the darkness has grow from the inside too, waiting for a moment of weakness of it's owner to come out.
Three years passed, of traveling to finally found the city that the women told him to go, so he went into the big city and went to the highschool, and that's where the adventure start.

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