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Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog
Reference: ???
Name:  Shadow the Hedgehog
Nicknames: The Ultimate Life Form
Gender: male
Species: hedgehog
Age: N/A
Date Of Birth: June, 19, 1951
Birth Place:  Space Colony Ark
Current Residence: G.U.N
Abilities/Skills: Chaos Spear, Spin dash, homing attack, Chaos Control, Chaos Blast, Super transformation
Weapons: N/A
Element: Chaos
Armor: none
Forms: regular, super, hyper.
Weaknesses/Strengths: no definite weakness, he does however, lose energy fast after removing the power rings on his wrists.  Strengths haven't really been explained.
Other: Shadow's past doesn't bother him like it used too.

Social Status
Friends: Omega, Rouge, Blaze(Archie comics)
Rivals: Sonic, Silver.
Enemies: Mephiles, Eggman(Robotnik)
Marital Status: single
Crush: Rouge(deal with it.)
Lover: none
Parents: none
Siblings: none
Other Family Members: none

Team Status
Team Name: Team Dark
Team Members: Rouge, Omega
Team Leader: G.U.N.
Team Formation: Sonic Heroes
Team's Special Abilities: N/A

With Strangers: shy
With Family: N/A
With Friends: serious, sometimes open.
With Rivals: competitive
With Enemies: hateful

Food: N/A
Drink: N/A
Other: N/A

Theme Songs

Main Theme: All Hail Shadow
Battle Theme: Throw it all away
Victory Theme: Mission Result (Shadow the Hedgehog game)
Defeated Theme: N/A

Backstory:Shadow the Hedgehog was created by Professor Gerald Robotnik who contacted Black Doom, a genocidal leader of an alien race. He was immortal and was able to harness the power of the Chaos Emeralds. Professor Gerald made a trade with Black Doom, stating that if he helped him to create Shadow through the use of his DNA, in return Black Doom would receive the 7 Chaos Emeralds. This was seen to be a good idea at the time. A young boy witnessed Shadow's awakening and saw the alien and immediately thought he was evil, he grew to be a future GUN commander, and hated Shadow because he believed that Shadow caused Maria to die. 

A while after Shadow's creation, GUN raided the ARK, killing all those involved with the project. The plan to shut the Ark down was called "The ARK's Indestructible Seal" allowing the ARK to be raided and shut down without any outside knowledge of Project: Shadow. Shadow was freed by Maria and they began to run away, as they were running along a hallway, a soldier shot Maria, yet they continued running until they reached the room with an escape pod. Maria put Shadow in the pod asking him to promise her that he will help the people on earth. She then released the capsule to earth, dieing shortly after. 

Shadow was then captured by the government and was reunited at some point with the Professor, who had gone mad upon hearing the news about Maria's death. He altered Shadow's memory so he forgot the original promise to Maria, and only wanted revenge. The Professor then added a special program to the ARK, which if activated would lead to the world's end. 

50 years later Dr Eggman travelled to Prison Island, where Shadow was being kept on Level 7 in suspended animation. He then released Shadow, Shadow having his memories altered only had avenging Maria on his mind, he destroyed a GUN robot, Hot Shot, and told Dr Eggman to obtain the Chaos Emeralds and meet him on the central control room, on the Space Colony ARK. 

Whilst Eggman was travelling to his base, Shadow broke into the Federal Reserve Bank and stole the Chaos Emerald which was being kept there. Doing this unintentionally framed Sonic. Shadow was chased by the police and the military, and met Sonic, introducing himself and displaying a new power, Chaos Control. 

Once aboard the Space Colony ARK, Shadow explained to Eggman about the weapon which could destroy an entire planet, the Eclipse Cannon. But they needed the Chaos Emeralds to power it. But a bat was eavesdropping, she reveals her identity to be Rouge the Bat. The three combine to form a team and obtain all the Chaos Emeralds. 

The three travelled back to Prison Island to get the Chaos Emeralds stored there, Shadow set a bomb and Eggman caused a distraction while Rouge snuck into Security Hall to steal the red, light blue and purple emeralds there. She was then sealed in a room as she was caught by a government soldier within a robot. She contacted Shadow for help, at first he seemed not to care but a flashback of Maria changed his mind. He then broke into the room and Chaos Controlled Rouge and himself to the Ark. 

As they had 6 emeralds, they decided to demonstrate the Eclipse cannon's power, they then placed the Chaos Emeralds into the cannon and fired it towards the moon, blowing a part of it off. 

They then tried to obtain the last Chaos emerald, but it was with Tails, Eggman defeated Tails on the ARK and placed it into the Eclipse cannon, unintentionally activating a 50 year old program placed in the time of Professor Gerald's insanity. 

The program which Professor Gerald initiated into the Ark 50 years ago, was set to activate once all 7 Chaos Emeralds were placed into the Eclipse cannon. A video came on, with Gerald explaining the death sentence he has put them into, the Chaos Emeralds powered the core of the cannon making it highly reactive and explosive and because the Ark was hurtling towards Earth, with the force of the impact and the Chaos Emeralds overpowering the core, the Earth would shatter into pieces. 

Everyone except for Shadow and Amy, set off to the core, in hopes that with Knuckles using the Master Emerald to control the overpowering energy it would stop the Ark. 

While everyone was gone, Amy spoke to Shadow in an attempt to convince him to help Sonic and everyone else save the world. At first, Shadow refused, but after Amy's optimisitic attitude towards humanity, a flashback of Maria came to his mind, causing him to remember the promise he made to her 50 years ago. After shedding a tear, Shadow left to help Sonic. 

Shadow caught up with Sonic and Knuckles in the core of the Ark as the Biolizard was released from its 50 year imprisonment aboard the Ark. Shadow walked past Sonic and Knuckles, ordering them to get the Chaos Emeralds while he fought the Biolizard. 

After Shadow beat the Biolizard and it Chaos Controlled elsewhere. Knuckles used the Master Emerald to stop the energy from the Chaos Emeralds Eggman spoke over a speaker announcing that the Biolizard was still alive and attached to the Space Colony, pulling it towards earth. 

Shadow and Sonic turned Super for the final showdown with the Biolizard (known as final hazard at this point). After defeating the Biolizard Shadow and Sonic used a large Chaos Control to restore the ARK's positioning. Since he had no experience in staying in his Super form, Shadow passed out from exhaustion and fell towards earth presumably ending his life. 

After some time Rouge hears news about a treasure being hidden in one of Dr. Eggman's bases. She broke into one of Eggman's bases to discover Shadow being kept in suspended animation within a pod. She begins to release Shadow, but as she does that she unknowingly activates E-123 Omega, the final and Ultimate E-series robot. He is annoyed at Eggman for leaving him within the base and decides to get revenge on him by obliterating all of the Doctor's robots, assuming that Shadow is one of Eggman's robots, he begins to fire rapidly destroying everything. Shadow pushes Rouge out of the way ordering her to stay in the place he put her in. Shadow then begins to dash towards Omega dodging all the shots fired, until Omega states his mission. Which leads Rouge to realise that Omega isn't an enemy and goes in between the two breaking up the fight. 

After a quick talk she realises that Omega wants revenge and Shadow has lost his memory due to the fall through the Earth's atmosphere. After learning this she convinces the two to make a team. And they begin to journey chasing after Eggman for Omega's revenge and answers to Shadow's lost past. 
Eventually after the discovery of a Shadow Android and numerous amounts of clones kept aboard his air fleet lead Rouge to have doubts and believe that the real Shadow died on his fall from space. Omega reassures Rouge that even if the Shadow that it with them at the moment isn't real, cloning can only be performed with the original, therefore it must exist somewhere, if not with the Shadow without a memory, then elsewhere. 

Anyways, Shadow is looking over Westopolis as he tries to remember his past, but all he remembers is his name and the death of Maria, as he is doing this, a large reddish shaded cloud appears over Westopolis with aliens falling from the sky their leader Black Doom appears before Shadow, commanding him to bring the 7 Chaos Emeralds as he promised. 

Shadow is left confused, but decides that Black Doom, may know Shadow's past, so he goes to gather the Chaos Emeralds. 

After gathering the first 2 Chaos Emeralds he realises that they unlock his memories and decides to hunt more down for himself, in the process uncovering his memories. 
After he gets all the Chaos Emeralds, Black Doom's plan is revealed. Black Doom was going to use the human population as a power source for the Black Comet, he claimed he was saving humanity from their own destruction. 

He then explained to Shadow that he was a dual creation between Professor Gerald and himself with his DNA and the DNA the professor already had. A video then began playing as Team Chaotix found it. 

It was Professor Gerald before his insanity explaining that he made a terrible mistake contacting the comet and Black Doom for help and needed Shadow to erase his mistake. Then Maria came on screen saying that she and Shadow will protect the planet. Shadow lowered his head as the video stopped playing, obviously upset that his creator and best friend was on screen. The video was broadcasted to GUNs base and they realised that they had misjudged the Prof's intentions and the President named the current day as a day to celebrate him. 

Shadow battled Black Doom in his Super form and destroyed the Black Comet using the Eclipse Cannon, which was its originally intended purpose. Then Shadow decided not to dwell on his past and moved on. Tossing a photo of the Prof and Maria on the ground in the Ark as he walked off. 

After some time, Shadow became a government agent. He is seen again, when he is sent on a mission to infiltrate Dr. Eggman's base to rescue an agent who's last contact with GUN was 26 hours ago. The agent turns out to be Rouge, who was on her way out of the base. 

Shadow and Rouge continue to the rendevous point in Kingdom Valley, where Eggman attacks. He hits Rouge in the head as she flies to get away from the robots, and she drops the Scepter of Darkness. The Scepter shatters and Eggman retreats leaving Rouge and Shadow behind. All of a sudden a dark mist came out from the Scepter and absorbed Shadow's shadow, which then took Shadow's form, he introduced himself to be Mephiles. He then sent Shadow and Rouge to the future. 

They arrived at the future to discover that they were in Dr. Eggman's base but 200 years forward in time. They discovered that Eggman had used a machine to send Sonic and the others to the future and they teamed up to find the Chaos Emeralds, as Shadow explained that using Chaos Control at the same time as another person could take them through time. Sonic and Shadow then separated to find the Chaos Emeralds. 

After find the green Chaos Emerald, Shadow and Rouge discovered Omega, after fiddling with some robotic parts and his programming Shadow stated that he was in stand-by mode. 

They met up with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles in front of a volcano, after Rouge teasing Knuckles about not being a good treasure hunter like her Tails revealed that a Chaos Emerald was in there. Despite Rouge not liking travelling through a volcano, they went inside. 

They discovered the Chaos Emerald, as they were going to grab it Iblis appeared. After beating it, Sonic and Shadow used Chaos Control to open a space time rift and go back in time, as Rouge was leaving she noticed a flame and a dark mist and stared at it until she passed through the portal, Shadow noticed where Rouge was looking, and noticed Mephiles had reformed from the mist, Shadow followed Mephiles as he ran off, the portal forgotten. 

Shadow catches up to Mephiles and Mephiles shows Shadow a pink cage-like object that has Shadow sealed in it. Mephiles explains that humanity were not also jealous of his power, but they were afraid of it. He explained that Shadow was used as a scapegoat for the destruction of the world and so he was sealed. 

Back in the present, Rouge is worried about Shadow, she remembers Omega in stand-by mode in the future, so she travelled to ruins near Soleanna and found Omega there, she gave him the Chaos Emerald and told him to stay in stand-by mode until the time they arrived in the future. 

Back in the future, Mephiles is down, as Shadow is walking towards him, Mephiles fires a blast which sends Shadow flying into a near stalagmite, impairing him for a short time. Whilst Shadow is catching his breath and Mephiles is stepping forward, bullets are fired between them. 

The bullets were fired by Omega. Omega was there to help Shadow. They again fight Mephiles and before they could corner him, Mephiles used a rift to go back in time. Shadow and Omega jumped through and ended up back in the warehouse district of Soleanna where they met up with Rouge. Rouge contacted GUN to discover more information on the Scepter of Darkness as Shadow chased a train to get to Dr. Eggman. 

Once Shadow caught up with the train he broke through the train's roof and interogated Eggman, Eggman was not happy with Shadow entering and questioning him. They made a deal that Shadow would recapture Mephiles and then Eggman would tell Shadow all about Solaris. 

Sonic was also chasing Eggman's train but was stopped by Silver, who was beaten by Shadow they then travelled back in time 10 years ago to discover the past, Silver realised that Mephiles who he trusted was evil and trying to destroy the world. Shadow used the original Scepter of Darkness to seal Mephiles until the present time. Which caused Mephiles to hate and attack Shadow when all Shadow was doing was defending himself not knowing that he was the one who in the future would travel back in time to seal Mephiles and so forth. 

While this was happening Omega was at the beach, he had encountered Mephiles and was opening fire at Shadow's shadow. Mephiles stated that this only proved that he was the one who defeated and sealed Shadow in the future. 

Shadow and Rouge walked up to Omega, Rouge asked what happened. Omega explained to Shadow that he was the one who sealed him in the future. 
Shadow remained silent throughout the whole ordeal, but Rouge angrily stated that it wasn't fair, Shadow's always there to defend the world, despite the fact that he is feared by humanity. Shadow began to walk off but was called back by Rouge, who then stated that even if the world was against Shadow, she'd always be by his side. 

Shadow, Rouge and Omega encountered Mephiles in the ruins within the desert, and battled him for one last time. Shadow then attepmted to seal Mephiles with a newly made Scepter of Darkness. 
After the battle with Mephiles, he escaped and went to Sonic and impaled him causing Princess Elise to cry and released the sealed Flames of Disaster within her Mephiles then became the whole God Solaris. 

Shadow and his team as well as Silver, Amy, Knuckles, Tails and Eggman were transported to the end of the world where they saw Princess Elise with Sonic who was now dead. Eggman stated that space and time had become abnormal and soon it would collapse, destroying everything, and it was impossible to destroy Solaris as it existed in the past, present and future. Silver exclaimed that he would destroy it all at once, Shadow countered saying that, without Sonic's help, destroying Solaris in 3 separate timelines would be impossible. 

Princess Elise stated that she still felt Sonic's presence, which caused Silver to come up with a plan that involves bringing Sonic back with the Chaos Emeralds. Shadow, Silver, Amy, Knuckles, Tails, Rouge and Omega all headed off to different directions to get a Chaos Emerald each. 

Once they brought the emeralds back, Princess Elise made a wish on the Chaos Emeralds, and brought Sonic back in his Super form. Shadow and Silver then also turned Super to go and fight Solaris. 

In the end, the timeline was altered by Sonic and Elise, erasing the events in Soleanna and possibly leaving his future open.

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