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Sonic and...Amy? Sally? Mina?

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1Sonic and...Amy? Sally? Mina? Empty Sonic and...Amy? Sally? Mina? on Mon Jun 17, 2013 12:37 pm


May as well tell you now, I'm a SonMina fan all the way.

Love her or hate her, she does have a redeeming quality which makes us at least consider her to be Sonic's girlfriend. She obsessively loves him and pursues him, no matter the cost. Now isn't that so romantic?
Or just plain creepy?

PROS: Dedicated, loyal, faithful, loving, generous, passionate, protective, has won favour of female fans for being the major source of "girl power" in the Sonic franchise

CONS: Maybe a bit TOO protective, high maintainence, annoying voice, obsessive, stalker-ish, too young and...hello? Is there something wrong with your eyes? Can you honestly not tell your best beloved from Shadow or Silver or Scourge even??

WHY I DON'T THINK SHE'S BEST FOR SONIC: Sonic is a guy who loves freedom and hates oppression. Amy is just far too high-strung to be his girlfriend. Maybe agreeing to go out with her would stop her from getting into danger on purpose just to be saved by him, but what self-respecting guy WOULDN'T be weirded out by her obsessiveness - I mean - determination and zeal for pursuing her crush? Sonic and Amy are just too different to be compatible. While Sonic will want to go on robot-busting adventures, Amy will want to have a stay-at-home romantic dinner and discuss things. And by "things", that probably means her new Prada bag. Bear in mind, Amy is relatively young. To a point where we can consider the possibility that maybe she's just too immature to be in a relationship as serious as she is proposing. Amy wants to be the boss of things and in control. Sonic is a free spirit. Amy may be happy for a while, but will never understand Sonic's need for independence. The cons outweigh the pros - SonAmy is a stretch too far.

Probably the second most popular Sonic suitor (I'm NOT counting Blaze or Elise. End of). She's the princess who embarked on a complicated relationship with the blue blur. A fairytale come true or no?

PROS: She's confident, strong-willed and fiercely committed to her royal duties. Like Sonic, she has excellent leadership skills.
CONS: Like Sonic, she has a strong personality. Some might view her as slightly abrasive when it comes to being practical, contrary to Sonic's cool nature. This sometimes leads the pair to clash over certain decisions. And like Amy (like AMY?!?! WHAT??!??!!), she doesn't understand Sonic's need for independence. Sally can be considerably harsh given the way she decided to end things with Sonic.

WHY I DON'T THINK SHE'S BEST FOR SONIC: "Be a hero or stay with me - pick one". Talk about an ultimatum. This is probably the main thing that convinces me that she isn't right for Sonic. She would honestly put her feelings before the lives of thousands? Now granted, her feelings for Sonic WERE strong and I'll be damned if you can find a better partner for the blue hero (except for Mina, of course Very Happy ), but she was honestly going to make Sonic choose between his duties as a hero and his relationship with her? Did Sonic ever ask her to choose between him and her duties as a princess? I think not! Sally is only really satisfied if she knows she has Sonic under her thumb. Thankfully, she isn't as full on as Amy, but she's definitely more passive-aggressive about it. With all this being said, they would make a great couple, but they make even better friends.

My favourite!

PROS: Sweet, kind, loyal and completely selfless
CONS: A tad dramatic? A little indecisive? That's all I can think of.

WHY I THINK SHE'S BEST FOR SONIC: Finally! A dame that understands Sonic's love of freedom! She's committed enough to learn to run almost as fast as Sonic so she can keep up with him, but not so committed that she's constantly hounding him. At her favour most of all, her love for Sonic is completely and totally unselfish. When she saw that Sonic had a relationship with Sally, she didn't try to break them up. She quit her flirting and her pining all at once and turned her attentions to something else. In fact, if I recall correctly, she actually sacrificed herself for Sonic's happiness by taking a bullet for the princess. Now THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is LOVE! I could stop there, but I'm not gonna! Sonic's affections for her aren't contrived or materialised out of sense of duty either. He genuinely took a shine to her given her selflessness, her passion and her singing talents and didn't just take her under his wing because she's a little shy and depressed. Mina's love for Sonic is perfect because it screams an un-obligatory commitment. Mina shows that she can be Sonic's girlfriend and still let him roam the world whenever he wants to and that she'll always be waiting for him, or even running alongside him. On top of that, Sonic being Mina's boyfriend would, I believe, be very healthy for Mina. Sonic's confidence compliments Mina's shyness and while she encourages him to make his own choices and be free, Sonic encourages Mina to be all she can be, whether it's a Freedom Fighter or a rock star. Plus, they have the roboticisation of their parents to bond over. From the very beginning they had this deep connection. It's like they were MEANT TO BE....

(And here I go on a crazy train)

And then Sonic disappeared and everyone thought he was dead so Mina did the healthy, sensible thing and moved on but then Sonic came back only to find out that Mina had a protective new boyfriend named Ash who felt that he was in major competition with Sonic for Mina's feelings and therefore had enough paranoia to break them up which is probably what Mina secretly wanted anyway so she could have another chance with Sonic but then there was that bomb in Mina's dressing room that Ash saved her from and nearly died in the process and then upon awakening from near death asked Mina to love him - HOW COULD SHE SAY NO??? THIS GUY JUST NEARLY KILLED HIMSELF FOR HER! Of course you're going to love a guy who would give his life to you, but she even admitted then that Sonic will always have a place in her heart. EVEN THEN, BESIDE A NEAR-DEAD ASH SHE ADMITTED THAT SHE WILL ALWAYS LOVE SONIC A LITTLE. But how do you tell someone who just nearly killed themselves for you that you don't love them? HOW??????

So yeah, Sonic and Mina forever. Peace out.

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