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Fanfiction Rules

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1Fanfiction Rules Empty Fanfiction Rules on Fri Dec 28, 2012 10:20 pm

Mephiles the Dark

Mephiles the Dark
If you are reading, you may comment on a fanfic. Let the writer know what you think about it. Do not flame someone if you do not like their fic. They spent the time to write They probably won't care if you like it/hate it. Do not attempt to roleplay with the fanfic unless the writer says you can, which you will then need to take it to one of the many roleplay posts I will make. If you are writing, please try to keep the swearing to a minimum. Please be as kind as to block it out(example: f**k). And remember, members younger that 18 can and will read your posts.

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Welcome. Please follow the rules and we will have an nice time.

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